About competition and chasing hype, Cardano's Hoskinson has this to say.

 About competition and chasing hype, Cardano’s Hoskinson has this to say.

Over the previous three years, Cardano has been one of the better-performing projects in the industry. ADA, in particular, has gone a long way on the price charts, despite its current slump, thanks to a consistent stream of happenings.

Even so, Cardano hasn’t been immune to criticism. For example, while its executives have maintained a transparent and optimistic view of where they see the project heading in the future, it has also been targeted by many for its “misleading” accounts of adoption.

But how far has Cardano, which was launched in 2015, come as a platform recently? Is it capable of attracting widespread acceptance, considering its features?

Maintain your composure and patience?

But, for how long? is the actual question. That is something Cardano's executives must recognise and respond to.

Here's what the company's creator, Charles Hoskinson, had to say about it on his personal blog.

First, the obstacles. Now, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is anything but calm and, problems are bound to be there. Hoskinson acknowledged the same as he stated,

“Being the CEO of a technology company in the cryptocurrency space is a brutal affair. There is really nothing like the 24/7 blast of information, scandals, new protocols, concepts ranging from NFTs and the metaverse to a constantly changing landscape.”

Needless to say, these developments within this fast-paced system could take a while. Cardano is no different here. According to the exec, it intends to play the long-term game regardless of what other competitors pursue in the shorter run.

“Projects like Cardano were and still are the antithesis of this mentality. We’ve always chosen a systematic, patient, and refined process that moves publication by publication, release by release instead of chasing hype and the latest cycle.”

He added,

“Our view is that these protocols will be as ubiquitous as the Internet and be used by billions. This scale of adoption will take years to decades, not weeks to months, and won’t be a meme. Ultimately it’s the long game that matters.”

Finding peace and clarity amid all the FUD remains a challenge.

Slow and steady… Win or lose? 

Cardano claims to be both safe and resilient, as well as an agile network that will evolve and improve with each evolutionary step. Cardano's transformation includes adjustments to network parameterization. Hoskinson emphasised that Cardano's focus remains on gradual evolution as it evolves.

Despite this, many people have criticised the network for its poor growth and congestion. Especially when being patient may stifle development. Some opponents argue that this "slowness" led to the emergence of competitors like Solana, Avalanche, and others.

Both of the aforementioned ecosystems are giving Ethereum and Cardano a run for their money.

Cardano's executives, on the other hand, haven't taken the criticism lying down, with Hoskinson specifically attacking doubters of actual adoption.

Even still, others claim that the primary issue impeding Cardano's rise to prominence is related to its human procedures rather than the blockchain itself. According to them, Cardano is likely to be pushed deeper into the background in the near future.

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