Next Year, Justin Sun will travel to space aboard Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin rocket.

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On Twitter, the Tron creator claimed that he was the mysterious bidder who spent $28 million in July to fly to space with Jeff Bezos.

Justin Sun, the creator of Tron, said today that he will fly to space next year with Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin organisation.

Sun, who established cryptocurrency platform Tron but stepped down as its CEO earlier this month, announced on Twitter that he will ask five others to join him on the space voyage.

The software mogul claimed to be the unknown bidder who paid $28 million in an auction for a place on Blue Origin's first crewed trip in July.

Sun, on the other hand, said he missed the launch and will now journey to space with five other "warriors" next year.


"I won the auction 6 months ago but missed the launch. However, this did not stop my love for space," he wrote on Twitter. "So I'm very excited to announce this news and turn this opportunity into a voyage with 5 other warriors to space with me because I believe that space belongs to everyone!"

"Going to space has been a dream of mine since my childhood, and it is also the future direction of humankind," he added.

Sun stated that he will make an announcement in the coming months about who will be joining him. A member of the TRON DAO community, long-term crypto holders, and other fashion, technology, and business bigwigs could be among the five persons.

Tron is a blockchain-based entertainment and content development platform. TRX, its native token, is the 25th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalisation.

Blue Origin, a firm that provides suborbital spaceflight services, is one of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' companies. Bezos, the world's second richest man, travelled to space in July on a Blue Origin rocket.


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